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Cherry Preschool

Really liked the school. What I particularly liked was emphasis on doing what is right for the kid and the family. They seemed to be very sensitive to where kids are—missing their parents, feeling uneasy about school, yet not coddling them. In addition.. their ratio of teachers to students was smaller for the 2 year olds, (one teacher for every 5 kids) further emphasizing that the kids may need more support in the beginning. Lastly, I liked that they had a "parents" room so that the parents didn’t need to go back and forth for an hour and a half. The also offer events for the parents in the evening-- accommodating to working parents. For a kid like Cole, who I would put more on the sensitive end, he would probably feel super comfortable transitioning into an environment like this. For me, I felt like I would also appreciate the school and the administration-- it was very accommodating.


I met with a team of people there—all super friendly and very welcoming. It is a parent run school. (all administrators have had children there)


It is a 7 minute walk from our house—just past Dewey. Building is very unassuming from the outside….has wheelchair access. It is owned by the school.


Classes meet 2 days a week from 9:30 to 11:00. They offer a room for parents to come hang out with the other children if they want to stay during their kids class.


Cole would be eligible for a transition class. Then, he would move into a three year old class. Transition means that the mom comes with the kid for the first month or so. They can hang out in the parents room while their kid is being adjusted. They say that the parents come for generally about a month or so. The transition class is typically 10 kids with 2 teachers and an assistant. The kids were fairly racially homogenous.


They have a set schedule of activities from 9:30 to 10:15, then gym play, then clean up, circle time and bye-bye. As you get into the 3 year old class, it is a bit more structured.


The class is mostly about socialization, language and separating from the parents. They try and teach things like associating their name and their picture. They also have a family corner where there are pictures of each kids family in case the kid misses them! While I was there, they were making frames as holiday presents. On the wall, they had marble painting with metallic paints which were also quite cute. The kids do art every day in the two-year old class. During gym time, the kids go outside in the playground if it is above 28 degrees. (it is a really nice new play yard appropriate for small children!) If it is too cool outside, the kids go to the downstairs indoor gym. They stayed inside today and the teacher was leading them down the stairs with a long rope with bells on it! The playroom is really nice with a mural on the wall and brand new toys. While there, the teachers appeared to be very active with the children—they were playing with the kids and had music in the background.

I also observed the three year old class. At age three, they start to integrate more music and “teaching