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Day 3 - Paris

What a whirlwind so far!

We got home so late last night that we ended up sleeping until 11am. Holy cow!

Once we got ready, we headed out to the Musee d'Orsay. Last time I was here, it was closed. So, today, I was so excited to go. Matt was too. The kids, not so much! Smiling All I have to say is AMAZING. The impressionistic and post-impressionistic collection was to die for. All of the classic Renior (the luncheon, The Reader, etc) Monet (The Train Station), Manet (the prostitute!), Degas (bronze sculptures and several masterpieces!), Caillebotte (floor scrapers), etc. I was in heaven. Matt was shocked at the collection too. The kids are just burnt from museums. We let them just park it on a bench and chill.

We ended up spending a lot more time there so there wasnt much time to do much else.

We went to lunch at a little cafe near the d'Orsay, and fueled up before walking over to the Rodin sculpture gardens. This was equally amazing. We got to see the Thinker, eat some ice cream and run around and release a little energy.

We then hopped on the bus and headed to the Luxembourg gardens but got pooped along the way. So, we jumped off, and walked over to the Hotel DeVille. What a totally cool French building! We then walked over to a local artist workshop where we met an artist that painted the family. It was kind of a fun thing to do and he only wanted 10 Euros. Come on! It wasnt awesome, but at least worth 20!

We left with painting in hand and walked home. We stopped at a Falafel shop for some Middle Eastern treats- YUM! They were fantastic. A lot lighter and crunchier. We also picked up hummus to munch on tonight.

We are now watching a movie and chilling out. The big debate- do we go to Versailles and Giverny tomorrow or just wander the streets of Paris and stumble upon great, small places?!

We have one day left here and then we are headed to the South of France to visit friends. I likely wont write every day from there, but will make a single entry! It will be fun to have a low-key visit with friends.