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Summer 2012: France & Italy

Your trip

I love reading about your adventures. I have not responded to your emails because I don't want to use your minutes in Europe. I think I remember that they charge you for those. Sounds like fun. Sorry the weather is yucky. Much love.

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No charges for us

We're using a combo of google voice and talkatone to stay in touch for free. It works whenever we have a WiFi connection (which is a good amount of the time over here).

We only have had one bad day of weather so far... we're in Tuscany right now and its pretty hot (like 90-100 hot). I also totally forgot the cable to get pictures off of our camera, so I can't upload anything until we get back.


Great trip and great log. A

Great trip and great log. A little comment on your "Lessons Learned" : In Europe, the English look down on the French. The French look down on the English. The Germans look down on everyone else, and everyone looks down on the Italians Smiling

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